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    alwyn-Trade-me2-2.jpg-updateTeardop Flag sizesFeather Flag Sizes55b7370bbd12d072820153021955a7601e1c65d071620152411855a75ecf4df180716201523543


    current price: $39.00 $234.00


    * Features:
    Attractive look
    Easy installation
    Clear visibility




    * Features:
    Attractive look
    Easy installation
    Clear visibility

    * Advertising flags come in all shapes and sizes, and have many uses. Most of these promotional banners come with custom printed graphics that are supplied by the customer. Advertising flags are also commonly used to announce an upcoming event such as a local festival or fair. These flags for advertising are becoming and increasingly popular method of promoting among Indiduals, Companies and Large Coporations.

    Manufactured using 130gsm Polyester Fabric or Satin 120gsm fabric for single side print flags or A quality UV protected Nylon fabric for double side print flags

    *The manufacturing your flags we use the latest digitable printing techniques available, UV resistant dyes and twin reinforced stitching for added strength arround the perimeter of the flag. And while many companies are selling cheap carbon poles, we only supply highly durable fibreglass rods with Aluminum Bottom end 1.6mm pole for durability.

    * Feather flags are available in single and double sided options in three different heights. Single sided flags are the most common and have the dye applied to one side, with the ink penetrating to the opposite side to create a 85% readible mirror image. Double sided flags have printed panels on both sides with a thin blockout in the middle which results in the image reading correctly on both sides.

    * Feather flags, could also be also known as swooper flags,they are designed to catch the eye as they gently wave in the wind. These flags have a loose top and tend to blow around in the wind more easiy. The are frequently seen in licsenced car yards, sporting events, and with good reason; they are very easy to transport and assemble, and attract a lot of attention to passers by making them difficult for viewers to ignore. Our customers see them as temporary signage when attending trade shows or mayuse to attract attention outside their stores.

    * Teardrop flags are an excellent way of capturing attention in a more stable enviroment inside Presentations, Trade Shows as they dont move around as much as the former type but are more readable when using double side print images. Same as feather flags making them easily to transport and assembling.

    * Teardrop flags are different to most other flags because the graphics panel is always held taught to prevent them from flapping in the wind. This keeps the graphics perfectly readable in strong winds and when there is no wind at all.

    * Teardrop flags are available in single and double sided options in our available three sizes. In Single side or Double side printed flags . Double side print has 3 x layers with printing on 2 x sides and the middle layer is considered a blockout so that both sides can be read more clearly. Double side print attracts an extra cost depending on type and size of flag purchased.

    Additional Information


    X Large, Large, Medium, Small


    Double Sided, Single Sided


    No Base, Car Wheel Heavyweight Base, Heavyweight Metal Base., Spike, Wall Mounted 180 Degree, Wall Mounted 25 Degree, Wall Mounted 90 Degree, water/Sand Base


    No Pole, 2.00 meter, 2.9 meter, 3.9 meter, 4.9 meter


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